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Reach online shoppers with effective solutions.

About Us

We Are An Agile Agency

We focus on the next generation of retail. We are built to help brands generate engagement along the entire, seamless customer journey,  from online to in-store and everywhere in-between. Seamless shopping does not mean all channels all the time but the ability to choose the single online or offline channel consumers want, when they want it. Which is why we make brands mean something to customers regardless how they come in contact. Having deep expertise across different platforms and multiple disciplines is a key  success factor to achieve great results.


We Are


About Us

Meet Enrico, Our CSO

“As the adage goes, in life, the journey is more important than the destination.
Increasingly, that’s becoming a truism for retail, too. Retail is no longer simply about product, it’s about Experience – and we are finding new ways to inspire meaningful connection with consumers.”

– Enrico at E Fundamentals, London

We are

Touch point


Make the most significant impact at the point of sale and profit from the last crucial opportunity to influence shoppers when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Touch point

On the Go

Visibility and awareness are the keys to build a relationship between consumers and the brand. Drive traffic to the point of sale and start converting now!

Touch point


Always connected consumers and shoppers are the result of digital distruption. New creative and effective content and formats are needed to give them a chance to live new engaging brand and retail experiences.

Touch point


The most important disrupter of retail today. The first point of contact to the product data for the consumer. Discover how to be relevant.

Discover our expertise

Shopper Insight

We keep a very close eye on the world’s most disruptive consumer and retail trends, we challenge them to provide the foundations for strategies and smart creative thinking.


We take our knowledge of the shopper and retail touchpoints, add passion, imagination and mix it up to design engaging seamless shopping experiences.


We break conventions with ideas, concepts and campaigns able to build unbreakable connections between the brand and the shopper, and drive transactions.

Drive to store

We empower brands and retail, we design experiences and activate shoppers to move them towards any transaction point, both online and offline.


We think about a connection strategy for a connected world. We design the right mix to build meaningful relationships between people, brands and businesses.


We transform data into valuable insights to drive your strategy to the next step. Live measuring is a must in a fast moving context.

We Activate The Shopper, Designing Experiences That Empower Brands And Drive Transactions.

Discover our tool box and how we use it to build an omnishopper journey.


Do you want to engage shoppers in a seamless experience? We boost awareness and sales across different touchpoints.

Do you want to engage shoppers in a seamless experience? We boost awareness and sales across different touchpoints.

Make Your Brand Shine – Be Ahead Of The Game.

Read our Omnishopper blog.

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Chief Strategy Officer

Enrico Babucci

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Amazon Strategy Consultant

Paolo Carcano

Director of Omnichannel Strategy

Antonella Linciano

Associate Partner

Valerio Manfrini

Shopper Insight Strategist

Marta Bosisio

Global Content Team Coordinator

Nilde Benedetti

Amazon Retail Manager

Alessandro Digrandi

Amazon Content Manager

Matteo Licandro