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Discover how we use them to build an omnishopper journey.

Thanks to this online trend intelligence platform, we get consumer trends and insights from around the world to build trend forecasts and strengthen creative ideation skills for growth.


Trend reports and research tools to uncover insights that help define a landscape of opportunities across retail and consumer journey.


We engage & grow your brand customer base by managing and analyzing your social presence with this AI-powered social media marketing suite.

E Fundamentals

An analytics service that creates clear and accurate points of action to help brand owners improve visibility and increase their online sales on retailers' websites.


A technology platform for brands lookin to plan, activate and measure effective cross-channel marketing solutions in social media, search marketing and eCommerce.

Smart Map

We draw maps to make shopper and customer journeys tangible, so we are able to better understand them, in order to improve them.


Receive feedback from your customers or any other stakeholder thanks to a mobile application. We use it to research and analyze the actual customer journey.

Start Smart

Take a seat and join our eCommerce experts for a dedicated session in 3-steps: category review, strategy definition, activation planning.

Live Analytics

We can rely on physical measurement on-site and on online data transfer about your event to get valuable real-time insights into sales and live marketing activities.


A software we rely on to help your product succeed on Amazon, by optimizing rankings, monitoring competitors, managing reviews and track several performance metrics.